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Give your knees the protection they deserve. The full-length Men's KX2 is our most supportive knee-stabilizing compression pant. The KX2 combines the benefits of compression with the support of neoprene knee sleeves. Perfect for intense sports and leg day workouts, The KX2 features our 2mm perforated neoprene Tri-Tech support layer around the knees & hips to help increase balance & stability while reducing knee pain. 

Features & Specs

    Our unique Tri-Tech support layer around the knees and hips features an antibacterial StabiLuxe compression base and a thin layer of perforated, medical-grade neoprene:

    Bracelayer Men's KX2 Knee Compression Tights Support Layer

    - Antibacterial, moisture-wicking & supportive StabiLuxe™ compression base: 88% Nylon / 12% Spandex
    - 2 mm perforated neoprene support layer around knees, hips & IT bands
    - No-slip waistband with silicone beading
    - Reflective logo for low light conditions


    • Built-in compression knee sleeves are great for the gym and increase stability & balance
    • Targeted knee compression helps to relieve joint pain and control inflammation
    • The neoprene support layer aids in absorbing shock to reduce muscle oscillation & joint vibration 
    • Keep joints warm to help prevent injury
    • Anti-microbial treated fabrics keep you feeling fresh and odor-free
    • Wear under custom knee braces to stop them from slipping down
    • Knee padding for athletes & tradesmen 
    • Stay active longer and recover faster

    Size Guide

    * The KX line of Bracelayer Compression Gear is intended to fit tight and is snug in the waist in order to maintain the proper fit and function as desired. If you are in-between sizes, we recommend sizing up. Contact us here for any sizing questions!

    Men's Size Chart
    Size Waist size (in)
    XS ≤ 28
    S 28 - 31
    M 31 - 33
    L 33 - 36
    XL 37 - 40
    XXL 40 - 44+

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