Bracelayer® Knee Stabilizing Compression Pants with Tri-Tech Construction

Bracelayer® Knee Stabilizing Compression Pants are high-performance athletic tights crafted with a 4-way stretch, moisture wicking & anti-odor Lycra. This Lycra base provides overall targeted compression to help increase circulation and improve performance. 

Our unique design then incorporates a thin layer medical grade perforated neoprene which wraps around the knees and up along the IT bands, hips & lower back, providing extra support and targeted compression where it's needed most. This supportive Tri-Tech layer helps improve support, stability & balance while also reducing minor knee pain. It also helps keep your joints and muscles at optimal temperatures to prevent injury and boost performance.

 Bracelayer Knee Compression Pants for Men & Women

🗸 Increase Stability & Balance

🗸 Decrease Joint Impact

🗸 Control Swelling & Inflammation

🗸 Promote Circulation & Blood Flow

🗸 Speed Recovery

🗸 Prevent the Distal Migration or Sliding of Custom Knee Braces Down the Leg

 🗸 Reduce Minor Knee Pain 

🗸 Keep Joint at Optimal Temperatures

🗸 Reduce Risk of Injury

🗸 Minimize Muscle Fatigue & Oscillation

🗸 Bracelayer Compression Pants Fit Comfortably Under Custom Knee Braces & Rigid Hinged Knee Braces

Bracelayer Tri-Tech Knee Compression Joint Support Fabric

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