Bracelayer® Knee Stabilizing Compression Pants 

Bracelayer Knee Compression Pants provide support, stability, and protection to active and recovering knees. Our unique design incorporates a moisture wicking and anti-microbial compression base layer with a stabilizing neoprene brace layer that wraps around the knee while also insulating the IT bands, hips, and lumbar area.

The stabilizing brace layer uses lightweight, medical grade perforated neoprene to provide advanced compression to the targeted areas. It also helps keep your joints and muscles at optimal temperatures to prevent injury and improve performance.

Bracelayer Stabilizing Brace Layer

Increase Stability & Balance

 Reduce Knee Pain

Decrease Joint Impact

Control Swelling & Speed Recovery

Reduce Risk of Injury

Promote Circulation & Blood Flow

Minimize Muscle Fatigue 

Fits Under Custom Rigid Knee Braces

Prevents Migration of Custom Knee Braces