What are Bracelayer® Knee Compression Pants?

Bracelayer® Tri-Tech Compression


Bracelayer compression pants incorporate a thin layer medical grade perforated neoprene which wraps around the knees and along the IT bands, hips & lower back, providing extra support and targeted compression where it's needed most. 

This supportive Tri-Tech layer helps provides targeted compression to the knees and core to improve support, stability & balance while also helping to reduce knee pain. Bracelayer compression gear will keep your joints and muscles at optimal temperatures to prevent injury and boost performance.


Benefits of Bracelayer Compression

  • Increased Stability & Balance

    • Our Tri-Tech construction uses medical-grade, perforated neoprene to provide targeted compression to the knees and core which helps to increase stability & balance.
  • Reduce Knee Pain & Control Swelling

    • The targeted knee compression provided by the Tri-Tech layer also helps to relieve minor aches and pains in the knee as well as control inflammation. 
  • Added Protection & Injury Prevention

    • The addition of neoprene around the knees, hips and along the IT bands adds an extra layer of protection and help to keep the joints insulated and operating at optimal temperatures to prevent injury.
  • Anti-Bacterial Treated Fabrics

    • Bracelayer Compression Gear has undergone an anti-bacterial treatment to fight off harmful microbes and keep you feeling fresh & odour free!
  • Stop Custom Knee Braces from Slipping

    Rigid, hinged knee braces worn to combat severe knee instability are known to migrate down the leg. The texture of the Tri-Tech layer helps lock knee braces in place and stop them from sliding down the leg.