What are Bracelayer® Knee Compression Pants?

Bracelayer Knee Stabilizing Compression Pants are high-performance athletic tights built on a 4-way stretch, moisture wicking & anti-bacterial Lycra® base which provides overall compression to help promote circulation and boost performance.

Our unique designs then incorporate a thin layer of medical-grade, ventilated neoprene around the knees, IT bands and hips to improve balance and stability while reducing joint pain.

Bracelayer® Tri-Tech Compression

Bracelayer compression pants incorporate a thin layer medical grade perforated neoprene which wraps around the knees and along the IT bands, hips & lower back, providing extra support and targeted compression where it's needed most. 

This supportive Tri-Tech layer helps provides targeted compression to the knees and core to improve support, stability & balance while also helping to reduce knee pain. Bracelayer compression gear will keep your joints and muscles at optimal temperatures to prevent injury and boost performance.

Bracelayer KX2 reviews compare knee support


Playing elite sports for over a decade, my knees have taken a beating. I've spent hundreds trying multiple hard and soft structured braces, without much success. My bracelayers have replaced all other knee support products. They are my go to when I consider dynamic loading activities such as hiking or playing beach volleyball. They're hardly noticeable when worn, keep my knees warm but not overheating, and provide enough support without limiting my natural body movement.  I'd recommend these to people with knee instability, arthritis, or other concerns who want to maintain an active lifestyle without worrying about making their joints worse. 

  • Chris H. - Men's KX2 Full-Length Compression Pant

As a stunt woman I'm always looking for a way to reduce any chance injury and also looking for low profile gear that are supportive and protective, yet can fit under clothing. So happy to discover Bracelayer pants! After having 3 ACL repairs I love the feeling of having extra support and stability around my joints not only to support old injuries but to prevent new ones. A huge benefit to any athlete for any sport! They look great on their own and also function well as an underlayer. I use mine all the time!

  • Janene C. - Women's KXV 3/4 Length Compression Pant

I've battled knee injuries for several years now. I'm 40 years old and am an avid hockey player. I was referred by a friend to try these Bracelayer compression pants to help support my knee. AMAZING PRODUCT! It really does help the support of my knee tremendously. I don't think I would play hockey without them now. Many of my team mates with similar knee issues have also started using the product and they love it too. Highly recommend for whatever sport you may play and battle injury issues.

  • Aaron M. - KX2 RedLine Hockey Jock Compression Pant

I ski patrol in the Rockies andpurchased a pair of the thermal pants this season - as an alternative to a product that claims to do the same thing, which I've been for about 10 years — BRACERLAYER products leaves this and everything else I have tried in the dust is the easiest way to say it - I can ski longer and harder with this product than I ever could think of doing with some of its competitors. A fabulous product and the price is fantastic as well.

  • Jim H. - Men's KX2 Alpine Thermal Compression Pants

Unique Benefits of Bracelayer

  • Increased Stability & Balance

    • Our Tri-Tech construction uses medical-grade, perforated neoprene to provide targeted compression to the knees and core which helps to increase stability & balance.
  • Reduce Knee Pain & Control Swelling

    • The targeted knee compression provided by the Tri-Tech layer also helps to relieve minor aches and pains in the knee as well as control inflammation. 
  • Added Protection & Injury Prevention

    • The addition of neoprene around the knees, hips and along the IT bands adds an extra layer of protection and help to keep the joints insulated and operating at optimal temperatures to prevent injury.
  • Anti-Bacterial Treated Fabrics

    • Bracelayer Compression Gear has undergone an anti-bacterial treatment to fight off harmful microbes and keep you feeling fresh & odour free!
  • Stop Custom Knee Braces from Slipping

    Rigid, hinged knee braces worn to combat severe knee instability are known to migrate down the leg. The texture of the Tri-Tech layer helps lock knee braces in place and stop them from sliding down the leg.

KX2 Full-Length

Men's KX2
  • The original knee stabilizing compression pant!
  • 215 gsm anti-bacterial Lycra® base
  • 2mm medical-grade, ventilated neoprene
  • Multi-sport athletic garment

KX2 Alpine | Thermal

  • Great for Skiing & Snowboarding!
  • 235 gsm thermal, fleece-lined anti-microbial Lycra® base
  • 2mm medical-grade, ventilated neoprene
  • No-slip waistband

KXV 3/4-Length

Women's KXV 3/4 Length
  • Our thinnest & most breathable compression pant
  • 195 gsm thermal, fleece-lined anti-microbial Lycra® base
  • 1.5mm medical-grade, ventilated neoprene
  • Compression mesh below the knee with no slip cuff

KX2 RedLine | Hockey

  • Our Hockey specific pant features a strap-free jock system and velcro panels to firmly attach hockey socks
  • 195 gsm anti-microbial Lycra® base
  • 2mm medical-grade, ventilated neoprene

🗸 Increase Stability & Balance

🗸 Decrease Joint Impact

🗸 Promote Circulation & Blood Flow

🗸 Speed Recovery

🗸  Reduce Minor Knee Pain

🗸 Prevent the Distal Migration or Sliding of Custom Knee Braces Down the Leg 

🗸 Control Swelling & Inflammation

🗸 Keep Joints at Optimal Temperatures

🗸 Reduce Risk of Injury

🗸 Minimize Muscle Fatigue & Oscillation

🗸 Great for Recovery Days too

🗸 Bracelayer Compression Pants Fit Comfortably Under Custom Knee Braces & Rigid Hinged Knee Braces