About Us

Bracelayer® Apparel Ltd. is a Canadian company founded in 2015 in Whistler, British Columbia out of a need for advanced knee support and stability in an athletic compression garment.

Our mission is to improve athletic performance, speed recovery and reduce pain through the targeted compression and stabilization of key muscles and joints.

Bracelayer compression pants have a unique design which incorporates a thin layer of medical grade perforated neoprene to provide support, stability, and protection to the knees, thighs, and hip. Our line of knee stabilizing compression pants include the full-length KX2, the 3/4-length KXV and our latest addition, the thermal full-length KX2 Alpine. We have more products in development and look forward to rolling them out in 2018.

Our repeat customers come from all walks of life including professional hockey players, baseball players, ex-Olympians and Olympians in training. We also recently become partners with the Canadian Ski Patrol, Snowboard Canada and the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors among others.

Bracelayer compression pants currently ship from Bracelayer HQ, located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We sell internationally through our website at www.bracelayer.com and are also listed as an Approved Brand on Amazon.com in the USA.


Bracelayer Men's & Women's KX2 Knee Sleeve Compression Pants