Men's KX2 Alpine | Thermal Base Layer w/ Knee Support

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Ski longer and ski stronger. The Men's KX2 Alpine is a versatile thermal base layer with built-in knee and hip support to keep your joints warm and protected. These compression pants have a fleece-lined interior and a supportive 2 mm layer of perforated neoprene around the knee to reduce joint impact & knee pain while helping to increase balance & stability. Featuring a 235 gsm antibacterial and fleece-lined Lycra base, the KX2 Alpine is our warmest and most stabilizing thermal pants. They are the perfect base layer for snowboarding, skiing, and other cold-weather sports.

Features & Specs

Our unique Tri-Tech support layer around the knees and hips features an antibacterial Lycra base and a thin layer of perforated neoprene for increased balance and stability and decreased joint pain

Bracelayer Tri-Tech Support Layer for Knee Pain & Instability

- 235 gsm thermal, fleece-lined, anti-microbial Lycra base: 88% Nylon / 12% Spandex
2 mm perforated neoprene support layer around knees, hips & IT bands
- No-slip waistband with silicone beading
- Reflective logos


  • Thermal base layer with built-in compression knee sleeves increase stability & balance 
  • Fleece-line, thermal fabrics to keep you warm this winter
  • Targeted knee compression helps to reduce joint pain and control inflammation
  • Low profile padding around knee & hips adds protection for snowboarders, skiers and curlers
  • The neoprene support layer aids in absorbing shock to reduce joint vibration and muscle oscillation
  • Keep joints warm to reduce risk the of injury
  • Anti-microbial treated fabrics keep you feeling fresh and odor-free
  • Thermal, fleece-lined Lycra base will keep you warm in cold temperatures
  • Wear under custom knee braces to stop them from sliding down
  • It can be worn as a base layer or own it's own
  • Ski & snowboard longer and turn half days into full days

Size Guide

* Bracelayer Compression Gear is intended to fit tight and is snug in the waist in order to maintain the proper fit and function as desired. If you are in-between sizes, we recommend sizing up. Contact us here for any sizing questions!

Men's Size Chart
Size Waist size (in)
XS ≤ 28
S 28 - 31
M 31 - 33
L 33 - 36
XL 37 - 40
XXL 40 - 44+


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