Men's KXV 3/4+ Length Knee Compression Pants

$87.00 CAD

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The KXV is engineered with our lightest weight fabrics and knee support layer. A little longer than a true 3/4-length, the KXV ends just below the calf and features mesh compression fabric and a no-slip cuff with silicone beading on the lower leg. It provides support, balance and pain relief with less bulk around the knee.

Features & Specs

- 195 gsm antibacterial Lycra base: 88% Nylon / 12% Spandex
- 1.5 mm perforated neoprene support layer around knees, hips & IT bands
- No-slip waistband with silicone beading
- Breathable compression mesh below the knee & a no-slip cuff
- Reflective logo for low light conditions

    Our unique Tri-Tech support layer around the knees and hips features an antibacterial Lycra base and a thin layer of medical-grade, perforated neoprene:

    Bracelayer Size Chart KXV 3/4 Length Compression Pant Mens


    • Built-in compression knee sleeves increase stability & balance
    • Targeted knee compression helps to reduce joint pain and control inflammation
    • Medical-grade neoprene aids in absorbing shock to reduce joint vibration 
    • Keep joints warm to reduce risk the of injury
    • Anti-microbial treated fabrics keep you feeling fresh and odor-free
    • Wear under custom knee braces to stop them from sliding down
    • It can be worn as a base layer or own it's own
    • Stay active longer and recover faster

    Size Guide

    Men's Bracelayer Compression Tights Size Chart

    * Bracelayer Compression Gear is intended to fit tight and is snug in the waist in order to maintain the proper fit and function as desired. If you are in-between sizes, we recommend sizing upContact us here for any sizing questions! 
    * Available in All Black or Black with Silver Stitching.

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