Men's KX2 Full Length Knee Compression Pants


The KX2 full-length compression pant is designed for active and recovering knees. Bracelayer® knee stabilizing compression pants feature anti-bacterial Lyrca and our Tri-Tech construction which incorporates a thin layer of medical grade, lightweight ventilated neoprene around the knees, hips and lumbar area to help reduce knee impact and muscle fatigue while improving support, stability, and balance.

The Men's KX2 Knee Stabilizing Compression Pants are a game changer that can help improve performance and provide relief to tired and aching knees. The KX2 is a multi-sport, athletic garment that can be worn as a base layer or on its own. 

Men's Bracelayer Tri-Tech Construction for added Knee Support

KX2 Features:

  • Ventilated 2mm medical grade neoprene wraps the knee, IT bands and pelvic area
  • 215 gsm antimicrobial & anti-odor Lycra®
  • 88% Nylon / 12% Spandex
  • Wear a base layer or outerwear
  • No-slip waistband with silicone beading
  • Non-sheering and durable fabric
  • Flat-lock seam stitching 
  • 4-way stretch compression
  • Reflective logos for low light conditions

KX2 Benefits:

  • Reduce knee pain with targeted joint compression
  • Increase stability & balance
  • Boost performance
  • Control inflammation
  • Speed recovery
  • Prevent injury
  • Minimize joint impact
  • Reduce muscle oscillation
  • Improve endurance
  • Relief for stiff, sore & active joints
  • Best knee brace base layer to stop custom knee braces from sliding down leg

Available in Black/Silver & Black/Black

Bracelayer Men's Compression Tights Size Guide
*** Bracelayer compression gear has a unique design which fits tighter in the waist and knees than traditional compression pants. The waistband will stretch to fit but is intended to be very snug in order to maintain adequate tension throughout the garment.  If you are deciding between sizes typically we recommend choosing the larger size.   

 *** Orders ship from Canada  | Payments processed in $CAD ***


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